A search from being on the road 040, between rio and brasilia, as a way to get the language of the interval between the unplanned and planned? What kind of an animal is it?
The language from 040 road?
Fancy getting into 040 from home?
Here is How, and
here is What.
Activities linked with 040 search are arranged with Decurators Gallery. Decurators website and Facebook?

a chat with a UFMG student, twitter handler @matheusgouthier


a bit about planting an intervalNoInterval?

a chat with brasilia art students regarding 040 andother stuff.

Fancy listening to the conversation on the video?
Background audio makes the conversation on the hard to hear words range...
There are rough subtitles.
However the subtitles don't show when disabled or bigbro youtube decides you don't require them.
Here is the subtitles text. (should appear bellow the link..)

Images from Brazil?

brasilia road skateboard cone and sewers

brasilia moon bridge skateboard and reflections
too much english? Translate here or there?