Getting involved with the search from 040, is real easy, just drop me a line from your critical mind and you are basically in! :) However, it seemed that perhaps some people might fancy being involved in other ways - critically and/or otherwise.
Hence I divided the road into 22 sections of roughly 50km length each.
Each section is roughly 50km, since 50km is roughly what am capable of skateboarding during a day.
If you fancy having a bit from you being placed, planted, along the 040:
pick up a section, let me know which, and lets' find out how to begin negotiating. How and what we do so you can sponsor the section.
There are a fair few usb sticks which I brought with me on account they are light and can store stuff which may be placed along the road with correct geo identifiers for people to find.
However, if a person has another idea for how to sponsor their section, which materials to use and so on - lets find out how to do it! :)

A sponsorship? Money?
Money, in my view, is not a be all and end all here. A quality contribution, question, idea, wish, critique, and so on - has, in my perception, no value that can both be attached and be reflective of it self.
While assisting financially could indeed be helpful and welcomed, I hope it's fine claiming it will not receive more attention than, for example, an idea that might make imagining a section - or the practice of 040 as a whole - in a new way.
Indeed, this "sponsorship" idea is in itself an example that could welcome an intervention itself, yes? ;)
Perhaps wrongly, I think that maybe through the street level views of the sections, there might be a way for people to have a slightly different kind of sensation from the road.
Indeed, I think its fair to say that if a person has another idea about how they fancy getting involved, other than sponsoring a section - let me know and we'll take it from there. OK?

Fancy checking the sections?
Here there are animated walkthroughs via street-view